Saturday, January 25, 2014


Change is life. In the stagnant water, life dies.
Change is challenging, but it also bring opportunities. If you stay immobile, waiting for something, probably nothing will happen.
Moving abroad is a huge change! Is it easy to do? It depends on you, on what you leave, on what you are expecting for. But, for sure, it is always a great opportunity, even when everything seems to prove that it is not.
Speaking about my experience, move abroad gave me strength, self-esteem, capability to cope the little troubles of life without falling in deep depression (when you must get around a lot of Chinese office to get your visa, almost nothing can scare you anymore)!
If you have a chance to move abroad for work, don't discard the idea too soon! Even if you are terribly scared, don't let the cowardly of you to decide for your future!


  1. Hi Anto! Thanks for visiting my blog. I have also been in Suzhou for 2 years. How do you like it? ;)

  2. Hi! Sorry for this late reply but I didn't take care of my blog for tooo long :)! Thank you for visiting me and be the first one to post a comment!!!
    I like Suzhou very much!!!