Tuesday, October 1, 2013


The answer to the first question is easy: we are an Italian family, relocated in China since August 2012. Daddy (often traveling around Asia), Mommy (it's me! The one who loves writing) and two little pests aged 5 (girl) and 3 (boy).
When, one year ago, the opportunity to work and live in China happened to us, we didn't think a lot before saying YES! Italy isn't a good place to find a job, nowadays. And something called crisis is getting people down. So we thought “It could be good to escape for a while from this bad atmosphere”. It couldn't have been more true! My husband's career is going well, children are happy in their new environment and the little girl can speak English and a bit of Chinese already!
And me? Despite of the statistics about depression and difficulties of accompanying partners, I discovered a new myself: more self-confident, more enthusiastic, more open to other people!
I'm lucky because I have passions: I like writing, drawing and painting. I left behind my accountant career without looking back (actually I never liked so much that job!). Now I'm not forced to work and I can try to do only what I like: perhaps a new career is waiting for me behind the corner!
So I've already answered to the second question!
And how about the third one? Where are we going? For the moment we wish to stay in China for some years, trying to take all the best from this experience!

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