Monday, October 14, 2013


So, which kind of city is Suzhou?
It is famous for its classical gardens and is a city full of history. Now I don't want to tell you about the Qin and Tang Dynasty or something, you can just type “Suzhou” on your favorite search engine bar and you will get a lot of information. But I want to take you by hand and tell you about the impression and the atmosphere.
Suzhou is divided into six district. Its heart is the Old Town, crossed by canals (so that is called “The Venice of Orient”), narrow streets and ancient houses with white walls and black tiles. Here you can find both refurbished spots - specially made for tourists - and a glimpse of real life. You can take a look inside the humble homes always-open-door or watch the simple life of old people sitting outside. You can shudder in front of dirty diner or drink “Cappuccino” in a very trendy cafĂ©.
The new face of the city is represented by SIP and SND, the recently-developed districts.
Suzhou is a small city (if you can call small something that has a population of more than five millions in its urban areas!) compared to Shanghai, is called affectionately “the countryside” by expat who both know the kind of life you lead in Suzhou and Shanghai.
According to me it is a very good choice for families: is rather quiet, not so crowded and noisy, very safe, beautiful, green. Go around is easy: you can take a taxi, a bus, or the new metro (for now only the first line is completed, but other three are planned). And you have also a good choice for international schools.
So I'm very happy we decided to live here! And, if our Asian life were to require us to move in another city, I will really regret!

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