Monday, October 28, 2013


Just arrived, I realized that my first priority was to making friends: my husband would begin to travel soon and I would be alone with children in a foreign city. I had to be prepared to any emergency. I had to feel safe and secure. If you have friends around you, this can help a lot to make you feel at ease.
Actually, I'm not so social! But I forced myself to be.
The first person who spoke to me was a friendly, young Korean lady. She saw me outside the compound shop (I think I looked really as “just arrived”!) and she simply said “Hello!”. I felt really shy and not confident in my English skills, but I tried not to make me pull down by my fears. And we are still friends now!
Another point in my favor was that I already contacted people before coming in China, and so when I arrived, I already had their telephone number!
The first Sunday I received a text message from an Italian blogger lady living in Suzhou “We are sitting in the playground near your building. Would you like to join us?”
When we rush to the playground we found a cheerful group of Italians chatting and laughing together. We were introduced and this was the beginning of the story... then it has been easy to take part to lunch and trips around Suzhou (and Suzhou shops, eheh!) and I quickly built my network!
School and playground have been the right places to find friendly moms, also! The wonderful opportunity to expand my group of friends even among foreigners.
If you don't have children (and you miss the possibility that schools and playgrounds can give) you can join a gym, a language course or an expat-group.
Usually (not always, but this is another story) expats are very open to meet new friends and is very easy start talking with someone. They are also very helpful with each other. Don't miss the chance!

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